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One of the most basic parts of a bicycle chain is composed, it is possible to convey to you the leg strength to generate forward momentum on wheels, however, it is usually exposed by the ravages of nature, harsh environment, so more needs to be regular care .

Before the use of waste oil on the chain thoroughly clean cloth

How to choose a chain oil?
How to choose what kind of oil? This depends on your riding environment, it can not be generalized. Such as wet or dry conditions in addition to considerations of moisture, dust and sand will impact. For this reason, we recommend cleaning after each chain, they need to choose for the riding environment you need to add the chain oil.
What chain oil suitable own chain?
Choose a large extent on the chain of oil depends on personal preference, of course, there is a need to pay attention, do not use something like WD 40 lubricant such as chain oil, because it will increase in the joints inside the original grease away.
The best selection and the frequency of oil lubricants, depending on use environment. There is a rule of thumb: the larger when using a higher viscosity oil in the wet water because the high viscosity of the chain more easily adhere to the surface to form a protective film. Necessary to use a lower viscosity oil in a dry, dusty environment, so as not easily stained dust and dirt.
How to properly clean the chain?
Step one: Clean
Before adding chain oil you need to clean the dirt on the chain, the use of waste of cloth to thoroughly clean the chain surface, each of the joints, tension gears and flywheel. Note: Do not use any acid and alkali degreasing or detergent, as these detergents will be washed away grease inside the joint, we also have doubts whether you should get a professional cleaning chain equipment for cleaning, then I think that it is not necessary.

Error Add a location: the top of the chain, in fact, to add on the side in contact with the gear

Each drop of joints, and let it penetrate

Step two: the chain oil
Now cleaning the transmission, you need to give it to re-oiled. Important: Do not add oil to the chain over the chain, because that place is not the primary contact with the flywheel.

Wait five minutes and then use a clean cloth to clean the chain

Step three: erase excess grease
The better the oil is actually a misunderstanding, because too much oil readily adsorb more dust and dirt to increase the chain wear. Therefore, wait 5 minutes after oiling it fully penetrate into the inside, then turn the transmission several times, then use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess oil.

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